Flattening the CRM menu

CRM ships with Sales, Service and Marketing menus to provide a bit of structure and organisation to the menu.  This helps the user experience when your users work across major functional areas and need to be able to work with a wide range of CRM entities.

However, if your use of CRM is focussed on a handful of key entities then you might find this menu design a little cumbersome.   You might find that you mainly work in Sales but there are somethings you have to go to the Workplace.   Jumping between menus can get a bit tiresome and users can get a bit annoyed by not knowing where to look. 

I’ve found that the user experience can be significantly improved by flattening the CRM menu.  In simple terms, you do away with Sales, Service and Markeing and place the menu items that are relevant to your organisation all in the Workplace menu.    One menu, all your screens, your users will love it.

Take the CRM menu from:


Here’s how…

1. Open your exported Sitemap file in a text editor

2. Comment out whichever of the Sales, Service and Marketing areas you don’t want displayed

a. Hint: to comment out XML content you add <!– to start suppressing lines and end the suppression with –>.

b. For example: the entire highlighted section below has been commented out. Note the <!— on the first line and the –> on the last line.

3. Find the menu items from within the Sale, Service and Marketing areas that you want relocated to the Workplace menu and copy and paste those lines to that menu area. Keep in mind these features of the sitemap:

a. Each menu item is listed in the SiteMap as a SubArea node.

b. Subarea nodes may be one liners in the SiteMap or if they have a privilege check specified against them they will span more than one line. Be careful when you copy and paste to make sure you copy the entire node

c. When pasting into the Workplace pick carefully where you will place the menu item

· The Workplace menu (perhaps a little confusingly) has Sales, Service and Marketing sub-menus underneath it.

· Users’ can choose to have these display in their Workplace or not (via their personal options).

· If you want to this option away from your users you can do so by removing the IsProfile=”true” setting. Or, create your own menu groups and place your menu items in those groups.

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