CRM 2011 New Features: Field Level Security

Just some quick notes on this feature…

To activate field level security:

  1. Enable each field that you want to secure (its a new property on the field)
  2. Create Field Security Profiles (e.g. you might create “Admin Users” and “Normal Users”)
  3. Assign users/teams a profile (or multiple profiles) – note: if multiple profiles are assigned the user receives the least restrictive permissions
  4. Edit the profiles
    • Each enabled field will automatically appear under each profile.
    • Their default state is fully secured for read, create and update
    • Edit as required –e.g. leave “Normal Users” set to restricted but open up the permissions on the “Admin Users” profile
  5. Publish the profile


Fields enabled for Field Level Security, displayed under the GT Data Admin Users profile

How the end result looks:

  • Fields enabled for Field Level Security appear with a Key symbol against them
  • When a field is secured such that a user has no READ permission that user will see the field on the CRM form but the data will be masked out, and in CRM views the column will be blank
  • When a field is enabled for Read but locked for Update it appears disabled on the form


Cost Rating and Price fields enabled for field level security, user has update permission to Cost Rating but only read permission for Price

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