Getting up to speed with 2011

Here’s my learning roadmap for the CRM super users and functional consultants out there who are familiar with v4 and want to learn what’s new in 2011…

  1. Sign up to the beta / online trial
  2. Download the SDK and have a look at the hands on labs (..sdk\sdk\handsonlabs)
  3. Check out Jukka Niiranen’s “new features” slide decks, an excellent resource to quickly introduce you to each of the new features – note: this is spread across 2 postings…
  4. Check out all the great content on the Microsoft CRM Team’s Blog
  5. Check out Avanade’s xRM blog.  Aaron Elder from Avanade has made some excellent posts…
  6. Get your hands on the Release Candidate install media and install 2011 yourself on a 64-bit VirtualBox VM.   Then have a go at importing a v4 database into your 2011 VM.

Happy learning!

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