Displaying the Activity Feed Wall on a CRM Dashboard

This put a smile on my face today – I was able to render the new Activity Feed Wall on a Dashboard:


Takes just 5 minutes to configure this (no coding required).  The Activity Feed Wall is rendered within an iFrame on the Dashboard all you need to know is the URL, which in my case was:


If you are using CRM online simply localise the above URL to your Organisation name.  If running CRM on premise you will need to adjust the web site reference to match your environment – i.e. to something like this:


The Dashboard looks like this in the Dashboard Designer:


With the iframe defined as below:


Note: Make sure the Restrict cross-frame scripting option is unchecked.  You will need to create a system dashboard in order to this rather than just a personal dashboard (otherwise this option is checked and cannot be changed).


If you want to show the user profile component of the wall add the following suffix to your URL:


This will give you the following Dashboard:


A quick scan of the CRM sitemap revealed the web resource name of the Wall from which I was able to figure out the URL.

I think this is really cool and will become my home page of choice for demos for the next wee while.


3 thoughts on “Displaying the Activity Feed Wall on a CRM Dashboard

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  2. Claire

    Thanks – I’m not a ‘techie’ although do use settings as a administrator- just followed this through step by step and got something achieved I would normally have to contact our external developed to do. 🙂

    1. Gareth Tucker Post author

      Thanks for the comment Claire, makes my day to hear that I’ve helped someone. Suggest you scan through some of my other posts – there lots of cool things non-techies like us can do!


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