Modifying Entity Icons the Quick Way in Microsoft CRM

Need to apply a bunch of icons to your custom entities in Microsoft CRM?  Here’s a shortcut for you, using the awesome XRM Toolbox…

First, get your hands on the XRM Toolbox (which now supports CRM 2013 as well).

Next, boot it up and click the Connect to CRM button:


(note: if you don’t see the apps listed on the home screen like they are in the screenshot above you will need to go back to the program folder and right-click on each DLL and unblock each file).

Ok, so first step is to upload some icons. 

Here, I typically pinch from Microsoft.  I go to an on premise installation of CRM and rob the image files from the crmweb folder.   Here’s some of the icons from my CRM 2013 server:

(from:  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\CRMWeb\_imgs\Ribbon)


To get these into CRM as Web Resources I use the XRM Toolbox’s Web Resources Manager:


I go to the File menu and select Load Web resources:


I browse to my folder and my files appear:


(I’ve pre-selected some that I want prior to this step and renamed them to match my entities)

Last step for these icons is to select the files I want and then from the CRM menu select the “Update, publish and add to solution” option:


Cool, that’s all my Web Resources created. Now, to apply them to my custom entities I launch XRM Toolbox’s ICONATOR !!!


This is another simple to use app.  You click the Load button:


And then its just a case of joining the dots.  Select your entity, select the icon you want and then click Map.  Do this once for the 16×16 image and then again for the 32×32 icon.  Repeat for each entity:


And then finally click Apply and Publish:


This is pretty quick stuff. XRM Toolbox is a great tool. 


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