What’s New in the Spring ‘14 Release / Service Pack 1

The “Leo” release for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 has just been released and there is some new functionality to learn.   If you are CRM Online customer the release is known as “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Spring ‘14”.  If you are a CRM On Premise customer it is simply being called “Service Pack 1” (SP1). 

Whatever you want to call it, here’s what you get!

Customer Service Enhancements

Case Hierarchies

  • The ability to associate Cases under a Parent Case.    
  • Fields can be configured to auto map down.
  • Case closure can be configured to cascade down or be prevented until all Child Cases are closed.
      • One level of hierarchy only
        • Maximum of 100 child Cases
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Case Merging

  • The ability to merge 2 or more Cases
  • Duplicates are canceled, child records are re-parented
    • Can merge up to 10 at a time through the UI
    • Can merge only 2 at a time via SDK


  • Next evolution of Service Contracts (pre-purchased Incidents or Hours, decremented automatically)
  • Ability to define multiple Entitlements per Customer
  • Can specify Entitlements per Channel
  • Can associate Contacts and Products
  • Read more…

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Define “First Response”, “Case Resolution” and “Follow Up” SLAs
  • Define Warning timing and Failure deadlines
  • Define automated actions to occur at Warning and Failure points
  • Define customer service schedules (e.g. 9 to 5 PST, Mon to Fri) and business holidays for business hours based SLAs
  • Uses Workflow engine for execution
  • New “Timer Control” can be added to CRM forms to communicate Target SLA to user, with red, amber, green alerting.
  • Read more…

Queue Enhancements

  • Private Queues, where you get to dictate who can see which queues
  • Improved filtering of the Queues lists, so the default queues for each User, Team and BU appear less commonly
  • New calculated field on the Queue record indicating the count of items in the Queue (to assist with load balancing)
  • More intuitive buttons for end users when interacting with queue items

Case Routing Rules

  • Define rules that will route new Cases automatically to Users, Teams or Queues
  • Triggered automatically and able  to be run manually

Email to Case

  • Configurable rules for automatically generating Cases from inbound Emails as they hit CRM (via Email Router or Server Side Sync)
  • Chose when the rule should apply and how the Case fields should be defaulted
  • Can be associate to an Email Queue
  • Smarts to handle automatic Contact creation (when applicable)
  • Smarts to associate follow up emails to an Existing active Case
  • Auto-responder logic using email templates

Status Reason Transitions

  • The ability to define for each Status Reason value a constrained list of ‘Next’ Status Reasons
  • Case and custom entities only

Misc. Enhancements

Social Profiles and Social Activities

  • New entities added to the data model
  • Added to support integrations with social applications (not yet enabled for end users)

Target CRM Version

  • When exporting a Solution you can select the target version of CRM you wish to support and CRM will remove any offending items that would prevent a successful import

Command Bar Display

  • The number of buttons that will display on the form has been increased from 5 to 7

Workflow Conditions

  • You can now use the familiar “And” and “Or” groups that you are used to from Advanced Find when defining Conditions in your Workflow rules

Real-time Duplicate Detection

  • The return of the feature that we used to have in CRM 2011 (even with the same confusing UI)

Lync Presence

  • Now available in Lookup fields and Activity Feeds

New SharePoint Integration Architecture

  • New for integration scenarios between (only) CRM Online and SharePoint Online
  • Documents are represented as Document records in CRM (new entity) and the SharePoint iframe is replaced by a Documents sub-grid

Sandbox Environments for CRM Online

  • Provisioning tool for creating Sandbox environments by copying a production CRM Online instance
  • Supports ‘Minimal Copy’ (schema and customizations only) or ‘Full Copy’ (everything)
  • Ability to reset and snapshot

New Compatibility

Added support for:

  • Windows 8.1
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • iOS7 Safari on iPad (web application)
  • iPad Air using Safari (web application)
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 (CRM server)
  • iPad Air using CRM for Tablets


  • Native integration to Insideview (CRM Online only) for real-time industry information on Contacts and Organizations
  • Read more…

Tablet Client

  • Cases now editable on the Tablet
  • Added support for Android Tablets
  • Can now sign out as one user and sign in as another
  • Can now reconfigure the App to point to another CRM Organization without having to reinstall
  • New Windows 8.1 App (provides the cached offline experience for CRM On Premise customers that was previously not available)

New Products!

And the Spring release schedule also sees the release of the below companion applications:

  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (the acquired product “Marketing Pilot”, now absorbed into the Microsoft CRM suite and available for an additional license fee)
  • Microsoft Social Listening (the acquired product “NetBreeze”, now absorbed into the Microsoft CRM suite and available for an additional license fee)
  • Unified Service Desktop (USD) (the latest evolution of the Customer Care Accelerator, releasing fully later in the year)

3 thoughts on “What’s New in the Spring ‘14 Release / Service Pack 1

  1. kcnarra

    Awesome, I wonder every time why don’t Microsoft provide this kind of detailed explanation about new releases, on a blog or like a news letter. That would be useful for Admins , developers and every one who are using implanting CRM.

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  3. Juan Ribes

    Do you know how click-through on URLs included in posts are automatically tracked?
    I cannot find a trigger in the automated campaign pane!!!
    Thanks in advance.


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