Creating a Dynamics CRM VM on Azure

If you would like a standalone instance of Microsoft CRM for development / testing /demoing  consider using Azure.   Your MSDN subscription includes a monthly credit that can pay for it.  This overcomes the short life span of Online Trials and the performance and hard drive space issues associated with local VMs.   You can start with a template instance that includes Windows and SQL and you just need to add a few server roles and install CRM.

Jukka Niiranen wrote an awesome article and provide step by steps here:


Thanks Jukka!

Posting here so I can come back and  find this in the future. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Creating a Dynamics CRM VM on Azure

  1. Rohit


    I have a query regarding Azure and CRM. We have an existing in house installation of CRM 2011 and upgrading to 2013 is not possibility at the moment. We are thinking to move to Azure but MS says the minimum supported version is 2013. Is it possible to run CRM 2011 on Windows Azure VM? We cant see why its not supported or if it will work with 2011 on the VM?



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