Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer

My colleague William Phillips educated me on a feature  in CRM 2013 that I hadn’t heard of before:   CTRL+SHIFT+Q

Log into CRM and hit CTRL+SHIFT+Q to reveal the Performance Center:


It won’t look very exciting initially as you need to Enable it:


Do that, and then click the Close button.

Next, navigate to a CRM form whose performance you wish to analyze.  Load the form and then click CTRL+SHIFT+Q to see the results:


A variety of form load milestones are captured for you.  

Optionally, click the Select Major button and you will get the details provide in Text  format:

Form Load Start (-> 0 ms)
Read-Ready (-> 595 ms)
Initialize Controls – ViewportInlineEditControlInitializer (-> 1297 ms)
Initialize Controls – NonViewportFormBodyInlineEditInitializer (-> 1345 ms)
Initialize Controls – DeferredQuickFormInlineEditInitializer (-> 1497 ms)
Form Full Controls Init (-> 1749 ms)

A pretty nifty feature.  I’m somewhat surprised I hadn’t heard of it before.  But a quick Google  search didn’t return much mention of this.  Hopefully this helps spread the word.

[UPDATE] – check the comments below for information on where this works and doesn’t work.   It definitely works on CRM Online with Internet Explorer.   Mixed reports regarding On Premise.

21 thoughts on “Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer

      1. Effendy L.

        This feature will show after you install Service Pack 1.. before that when you press CTRL + SHIFT + Q, they only show plain text format without graphic.. CMIIW..

  1. Abhirup

    Can someone please illustrate how to read the various parameters to draw conclusions on performance? I am afraid i am not getting how to interpret the information presented by the various metrics. Thank you.

      1. Abhirup

        Thank You Aiden. This helps! Hopefully we would have more information as we learn how to use this better.

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