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My Background
I was born in New Zealand and started my consulting career in Auckland in 1998 working with the Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP suite (then named Solomon Software).   16 years later and I am still Microsoft focused but moved on from ERP into CRM.  I now live in the United States, in the Bay Area.  I work for Avanade, the largest and most successful CRM Partner in the world (but these opinions are my own).  I have been out and about living the Expat life for the last 4 years, testing my consulting skills in Australia, Singapore, the UK and now the US.  I have found a home at Avanade in North America and after 4 years leading consulting teams on the ground I am now running their CRM business in the Northwest.  I have specialized on Microsoft Dynamics CRM since 2005 and, as you probably get from this blog,  its my passion.   I bring that passion to my team and to the projects we execute for our customers.  This blog has been an excellent networking vehicle for me but it is also how I approach learning the product.  It is in effect my own personal self-authored knowledge base, which I share with the world.  I hope you find value in it.

Blog Stats

Some stats for you…

  • Total blog views to date:  500,000
  • Most popular day: 1,200
  • Monthly average: 15,000


22 thoughts on “About

  1. Darryl Henderson

    Gareth, I’d like you to review MTC’s offering of CRM View and Sub-grid in-place editing solutions: EDitable Grid, Add & Edit Grid, Sales Product Editor, Super Grid, and MTC’s custom grid developmet service. WE offer 30 other products as well. Let me know when you might like to receive licenses. Also, when and where are you coming to the USA?

  2. Josh Rusev

    Gareth- any recommendations on how best to split an online instance of CRM into two online instances? With a company split, what’s the best way to get all the data associated to one business unit in the org into a completely separate online instance?


    1. Gareth Tucker Post author

      I suggest you have a good look at Scribe. There is no easy answer, you need to do a data migration into the new org and then some bulk deletion / deactivation from the old org.

    2. Darryl Henderson

      Since you are doing this split just once, a low-cost fixed-rate service like MTC’s CRM data migration service will perform the exact task at a firm low fee, and complete it quickly, as well as stand behind its work, for touch-ups and changes as inevitably needed after the fact. http://www.MTCCRM.com/MTC_Services.pdf

      Darryl Henderson

      MTC Management Technology Consulting

      MTCCRM.com – DynamicsExchange.com

  3. Anthony Crook

    Hi Gareth, we are a Gold Level Microsoft ISV partner with a CTI product that we would be very interested in you giving a shake.
    A free 30 day trial of intelli-CTi for Dynamics CRM can be downloaded straight from our website http://www.qgate.co.uk/products/qgate-products/intelli-cti/ms/intelli-cti-ms-crm.aspx

    The download should contain everything you need to install and test it. Including our Virtual Telephony Server which means you don’t even need to connect it to your actual phone system to demo it.

    Any questions feel free to drop me a line!
    Anthony Crook- QGate

  4. Bernhard Lipka

    In charts, how do I make a gas gauge type of chart that compares the won revenue to the different levels of quota (min, good, great, exceeds)?

  5. Venkata Raghu Kumar

    Hi Tucker,

    I have a query regarding the Customer Portal support on Mobile Platform.

    Are the web forms of Customer Portal for MS Dynamics CRM 2011 supported in Mobile Platform?

    If yes, kindly let me know how to configure it for a mobile device and what are the platforms it is supported?

  6. streetcornerfranchise


    Any chance on doing something on the email template editor in CRM 2013?

    Any text you copy and paste then edit is not guaranteed to show up in an email the way you have it set up in the template. And with out having any access to edit the html you can not double check to make sure something is the correct font or bold or not!! And lets not start on the links and pictures.

    Maybe something about if they are planning to fix their horrible template editor? or if anyone knows of an alternative to using the templates editor? Like a 3rd party app that can be installed and takes over the role of template master? Anything?


  7. Mehul Mehta

    Hi Gareth,
    Thanks for the fantastic (and simple to understand) blogs :). Other day I was reading your blog on ‘Quick view form’, I really enjoyed however we have one typical issue by using quick view form using quick view control. From SDK it says information displayed in quick view form are read only which i can see working for the fields but when it is a subgrid(especially N:N related records) it shows ‘delete’ icon when you mouse hover the record. This is potentially problem for us as user can now accidentally remove the record. Any suggestion how to restrick delete option for subgrid in quick view control/form?

    Thanks for your time,


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