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CRM 2011 Duplicate Checking Enhancements in Rollup 5

Microsoft CRM’s duplicate checking feature has always had a ‘quirk’ that bugged me.  Good news though, rollup 5 introduces a solution.   I’m not seeing this enhancement getting much mention so thought I would explain the enhancement and why you need to make use of it.

I talk about the limitation in this older post.  In a nutshell pre-rollup 5 any duplicate detection rules you defined would match blank fields to blank fields.  For example if you defined a rule that matched on first name + email address and you had a record with a first name of “Adrian” that had a blank email address then any future “Adrian” records who also had a blank email address would be considered a potential duplicate:

Existing record:


New record being entered:


Potential duplicate detected:


What Rollup 5 gives us is nice little check box that addresses this issue:


If you’re making use of CRM’s duplicate detection features you will definitely want to revisit your rules and consider checking this option.   Do remember as you test this that anytime you re-publish your rules CRM has to rebuild its match codes, so the change is not immediate.  There is a system job you can see attached to the Duplicate rule, that might be the one to monitor.

Now, if Microsoft would just tidy up the Duplicate Detection window and make that a bit more user friendly (or give us the ability to customise it) we would have a really nice solution.