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Phone Apps released for Microsoft CRM 2013

Microsoft have released their first ever mobile phone apps for Dynamics CRM.  Here’s the iPhone app:


There are distinct apps available for Windows Phone, iPhone and Android.  These are native apps that need to be installed from each vendor’s respective app store.

You can view, edit and create new records.  There is support for views and forms and viewing and editing of related records. 

Looks to be no offline support, not even the recently viewed records like on the tablet (just read you get this in the Windows Phone app only).

You can click to call on a phone number, click to email on an email address and click on a URL to pop the browser.  In all 3 cases you leave the app though so have to navigate back to it once done.

One cool feature is you can attach photos from your mobile device’s camera roll to a CRM record via a click of a button:


A massive improvement over Mobile Express but it still leaves room for products like Resco and CWR Mobility (e.g. offline support, extensibility, hundreds of little features).

More details available here:


From a configuration perspective your configure this app the same way you configured Mobile Express in the past.  There are Mobile Forms in the CRM solution editor:


And the default public view is what renders on the mobile device (the first 2 columns at least).

To enable/disable entities for mobile support there is a property on the Entity record (which you can both check and uncheck):


When making configuration changes make sure you kill the mobile app on your device in order to pick up the new changes.

I did a quick test and Business Rules don’t appear to fire, which suggests JavaScript won’t fire either. Makes sense, as you can’t associate either of these to Mobile forms.

One minor annoyance with the Mobile apps at the moment is you can’t reconfigure them to point at a different Org.  To do that, you need to delete the App and reinstall it.  Well, that’s one way to notch up a lot of downloads I guess!  😉