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Microsoft CRM Form Load Performance Analyzer

My colleague William Phillips educated me on a feature  in CRM 2013 that I hadn’t heard of before:   CTRL+SHIFT+Q

Log into CRM and hit CTRL+SHIFT+Q to reveal the Performance Center:


It won’t look very exciting initially as you need to Enable it:


Do that, and then click the Close button.

Next, navigate to a CRM form whose performance you wish to analyze.  Load the form and then click CTRL+SHIFT+Q to see the results:


A variety of form load milestones are captured for you.  

Optionally, click the Select Major button and you will get the details provide in Text  format:

Form Load Start (-> 0 ms)
Read-Ready (-> 595 ms)
Initialize Controls – ViewportInlineEditControlInitializer (-> 1297 ms)
Initialize Controls – NonViewportFormBodyInlineEditInitializer (-> 1345 ms)
Initialize Controls – DeferredQuickFormInlineEditInitializer (-> 1497 ms)
Form Full Controls Init (-> 1749 ms)

A pretty nifty feature.  I’m somewhat surprised I hadn’t heard of it before.  But a quick Google  search didn’t return much mention of this.  Hopefully this helps spread the word.

[UPDATE] – check the comments below for information on where this works and doesn’t work.   It definitely works on CRM Online with Internet Explorer.   Mixed reports regarding On Premise.