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Donation Management in CRM 2011 – New Accelerator

A great example of the vision behind CRM 2011’s Solutions and CRM Marketplace concepts has been released.   Available now here:

Donation Management for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

This is a pre-configured CRM system that you can import into your CRM system to transform it into a Donation Management system. 

Here’s what it looks like…

Donations view:


Member form:


Pledge Dashboard:


The Donation Management solution represents a customisation to the base CRM configuration.  Now don’t be scared by the use of the word ‘customisation’.  What you see here is typical of what a CRM solution looks like at the end of a CRM implementation – i.e.: 

  • The terminology of the base system has been changed to match the terminology of the industry. 
  • The schema has been extended to cater for the additional data that is relevant to the industry. 
  • And the user interface, security model and business logic has been configured and extended to support the business processes. 

It is a common misconception that Microsoft CRM is an out-of-the-box product.  It’s better thought of a blank database.  You need to configure that blank database into the end product you require.   Now Microsoft CRM comes with a bunch of typical CRM functionality so you get more than a blank database, but if you’re not extending the schema, changing the user interface and extended the business logic you’re not really using the product.

Sorry, off on a tangent there.  Back to Donation Management.  The schema that Microsoft have deployed looks something like this:


Where Pledges and Donations are received from Constituents and Members and associated to Programs and Campaigns to enable tracking of Campaign/Program effectiveness.


The business processes that are supported are:

  • Recording and Management of Constituents and Members
  • Recording of Pledges, Donations, and Payment Transactions
  • Campaign and Program Management

Plus all the stuff that ships with CRM is still there – e.g. lead management, mail merge, activity management, etc.

Like every CRM system there are a couple of places where the functionality of the base system needed to be extended.   Here you can see these extensions in a couple of places:

The recording of multi-instalment pledges:


The summation of donation transactions against Constituents and Members:



Now don’t think for a second that this is an out-of-the-box solution for you.  Just like a non-configured CRM installaton you still need to superimpose your requirements over this. 


If your requirements are Donation Management then this solution will give you something more relevant to refer to during your design workshops and you might like to build your solution on top of it.