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CRM 2013 New Features: Quick View Forms

This is perhaps my favorite new feature in CRM 2013.  It is common for customers to want to see Contact details such as Phone Number and Email Address on ‘transactional’ forms such as the Case and Opportunity forms.  Previously we had three options to address this:

  1. Do nothing, train that users should click on the Contact to pop the Contact form to view those details
  2. Create custom fields on the Case / Opportunity form and duplicate / synchronize the data from the Contact record
  3. Embed an HTML web resource on the form that dynamically retrieves and displays this data  

Quick Views now provides a no code equivalent to #3 which looks like this:


I’ll demonstrate some creative uses of this new feature in a second but first here are the basics…

The Quick View form is configured using the CRM form editor just like you would a normal form:


You are however constrained when it comes to the form layout, you get one Tab that can contain only single-column Sections – i.e. you are configuring a single column form:


You can insert multiple Sections though and each Section can have a Label and can contain Fields, Spacers or Sub-Grids:


Now onto some design scenarios you might not have considered yet…

You can chose to render Sub-Grids as Charts and add some visual interest to your forms.  In the below screenshot whilst the user is looking at an Opportunity they get a handy visual indicator of the Account’s open Opportunities and active Cases:


You can use a Quick View Form to add contextual help to a CRM form.  This is my bright idea of the year, I think this is very cool and I look forward to utilizing this on a project. Imagine you have multiple types of Opportunities and each Type has different considerations that we want to communicate to the user.  We could create an Opportunity Type entity and place a corresponding lookup field on the Opportunity form.   On that Opportunity Type entity we can populate some guidance into some custom fields and then use a Quick View Form to display those fields on the Opportunity form once the Opportunity Type is  selected.  That gets us a user experience like this:


The experience is immediate, the Quick View Form renders / changes on change of the lookup field. 

I have placed the Quick View Form on the right side of the form, you could also place it beneath the lookup field:


One concern I have is the Quick View Form seamlessly integrates into the CRM form so there is the potential for the user to be confused and think these are editable fields.  Placing the form on the right helps address this.

Anyone else have any creative ideas on how we can leverage this new feature?